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Our 6+ Week Workshop is $175 for the total workshop.

*NEW STUDENTS must first submit an audition below and receive feedback before enrolling.

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Work with professional choreographers and vocal coaches in San Diego’s only dance and live performance workshop for singers.

This workshop offers you a chance to:


  • Work with professional choreographers to hone your skills of dancing and singing simultaneously so it becomes second nature.
  • Learn microphone strategies, dancing with a prop, and what to do with the other arm.
  • Learn and practice crucial elements of being an Ultimate Entertainer and perfect your overall performance skills.
  • Fine tune your ability to connect with an audience and perform at a higher caliber
  • Focus on confidence building, projecting personality, and power in demeanor.
  • Increase stamina and endurance while dancing in order to improve breath control while singing
  • Gain studio experience by recording a group song with 5x Grammy nominated producer and songwriter JD Aguilar
  • Vocal instruction from our in-house and guest instructors
  • Show off your performance skills with live performance opportunities
  • And much more!

In this unique class:

We provide an environment for singers to hone their live performance skills so that their movements on stage look comfortable, confident and effortless.

Each session (in addition to the in-class performance exercises); we choose a song, learn original choreography and sing FULL OUT while dancing the choreography throughout the whole class to build stamina and to hone the skill of doing both movement and singing simultaneously.

Perfect for the career focused singer who would like to incorporate dance and bring their live performances to the next level.