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Join the only dance workshops for singers. Work with professional choreographers to hone your skills of dancing and singing simultaneously so it becomes second nature. Learn and practice crucial elements of being an Ultimate Entertainer and perfect your overall performance skills.




When you’re always ready, you never have to get ready.

  • Practice in a safe, high energy environment with like-minded aspiring entertainers
  • Increase stamina and endurance while dancing in order to improve breath control while singing
  • At the finale of each 5 week session, students will perform in-front of a live audience
  • Each 5 week session is dedicated to fully developing crucial aspects of an Ultimate Entertainer
  • Industry professionals will attend the final class for individual entertainer feedback and possible booking
  • This class offers you the chance to fine tune your ability to connect with an audience and perform!



Each 5 Week Session has a Focus

We’ve studied the elements of what makes a great entertainer and broke it down into these 4 core elements.

Each 5 week session will focus on one of these core elements with the final 5th session being our “Show” session where we put all of these core skills together.

Body control & Coordination

Improving physical clarity and strength, and enhancing the mind/body connection.

Music Analysis

Identifying and performing to measures, counts, rhythms, pauses, and qualities of musical phrases.

Microphone handling & Upper body styling

Microphone strategies, dancing with a prop, and what to do with the other arm.

Stage Presence & Connecting with the Audience

Focus on confidence building, projecting personality, and power in demeanor.

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