What is an EPK?

An EPK is an online, electronic version of the physical information packet that in the old days managers (now often artists and bands themselves) would send out  to

  • Venues and festival bookers
  • Reviewers and reporters
  • Radio stations or podcasters

Your EPK is your professional music resume and is a vital component used by professionals searching for talent.

Having a professional and concise location that showcases you as an artist will ensure that you have the best chance possible to land great opportunities.

What is the difference between and EPK and a website?

To put it simply, your website is built for your fans, while your EPK is built to land you opportunities.

Both an EPK and a website are vital for the career focused recording artist and serve two very different purposes.

Your website is where you’ll blog, run contests, showcase your merchandise, highlight your Newsletter and in general push social interaction with your fans. As a promoter it can frustrating to sift through all of this information to find the key information they need. And in most cases, the information that they want isn’t on an artist’s website. As it shouldn’t be.

Promoters and Journalists want FACTS.
An EPK makes it easy for key players to quickly and easily digest information such as:
1. Awards you’ve won
2. Bio – short and long versions
3. Images – both hi-rez and thumbnail style images
4. MP3 Snippet downloads and markers for where the chorus comes in
5. Tour Schedule
6. Amount of press you’ve received thus far
7. Social Media follow stats – Highlighting your social reach and active fan community helps your EPK submissions stand out to promoters and booking agents.
8. Lyrics
9. Booking Information
10. Music Event Coordination info such as: Set list duration and song lists (original material vs. covers), do you have your own PA, acoustic vs. full band act, etc.
11. Quotes by you as an Artist
12. Promo graphics
And more

Get an EPK


Does the fee include domain name and hosting fees?
No it does not. Please visit HostGator.com via this link and fill out the form to purchase your domain name and hosting. We recommend the “Hatchling” plan. This will also mean that you get a professional email at your domain. (ex: me@iamasinger.com)

Can we chat before I buy the EPK?
Definitely! Give us a call at 877-307-3287 or email Audrey at audrey [at] dancingsinger.com

How long does it take?
From the moment we are done gathering all information and assets it will take 2 weeks.

What happens after I pay?
You will receive an email to begin the information gathering process.