Quick Stats

Artist Name: Audrey Callahan
Email: audrey [at] audreymusic.com
Website: www.audreymusic.com
Residence: Austin and San Diego
Genre: Pop | Soul | Adult Contemporary
Shows Played: 100+
Biggest Crowd: 300


Short Bio

Audrey Callahan is a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.

She emphasizes giving life to music and songs by sharing meaningful messages. She is also the creator of the Ultimate Entertainer Workshop. A San Diego based program where singers can come to advance their live performance and singing skills as well as work with industry professionals to gain experience in areas of vocal recording and songwriting.

Audrey aspires to live a life based on love and compassion and share that message of positivity and growth with her audience far and wide.

Long Bio

Audrey was born in Long Beach, CA and currently resides in San Diego. Her journey as a musician started as early as age 2. Over the years she gained experience as a singer and performer via cover bands, singing competitions and girl groups until a few years ago she made a conscious decision to move forward and produce her first album and music video.

Audrey is inspired by producing meaningful content; making deep connections and helping others achieve their own level of personal greatness via her music and clothing line. She aspires to live a life based on love and compassion and share that message of positivity and growth with her audience far and wide.

Her accomplishments to date include:

Better Me for Me – An original song written by Audrey Callahan


IDYTD (I Dare You to Dream) – An original song written by Audrey Callahan

Write Your Story – An original song written by Audrey Callahan


Smule Duet with Jessie J and Audrey Callahan

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Spotify7,000 monthly listeners
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Below you will find various banners and logos for Audrey’s Music as well as for her associated clothing line (The Spirit Warrior Shop) and live performance training company (The Ultimate Entertainer Workshop).

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Press and Reviews
ashleep-rock-105-3“You have the voice, you have the look and you are insanely talented!”

Dave_Good“You did exactly what I love and always harp on singers for not doing. You took a song and put your own surprises on it. You did some great vocal tricks and I loved every one of them.”

reverbnation_logo_dark_badge_flat“The lyrics here are nice. Love the artist tone. She has a different sound. This is a great motivational track and nice love song.

The bridge is very strong. She did an excellent job singing the bridge here. All phases of this song work well together. Great pop record. I wish I could sing like that. Freaking Amazing, love it”

Reverbnation Crowd Review for Better Me for Me

esc29zez4raq7qrqdxgp“You are awesome. You sound great. You look great. Tough song to sing and you did it well.”
reverbnation_logo_dark_badge_flat“Love the piano intro to this song. It has a calming and relaxing effect on this song. Love how the singer’s voice as a soothing sound as well but assertive when she needs to be to make the song come alive. The background vocals blend in as well perfectly. I can see this as a potential hit on her hands if get enough airplay over the radio. Excellent love song as well.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review for Better Me for Me

reverbnation_logo_dark_badge_flat“Instrumental arrangement, is clear and distinct, starting with the piano notes. Vocally, the females is very strong and powerful. She has a good vocal range. Atmospherically, there is an inspirational feeling to the song and lyrics. Lyrically, the words are heartfelt and positive. The female singer really creates a positive energy. The instrumental arrangement is compelling and the digital sounds accompany the lyrics nicely. Commercially, I could see this song being used in a film.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review for Better Me for Me

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