Is there an age limit?

Yes. 11 years old and up may join the UE workshop. If you are between the ages of 11 and 15 an audition is required. Please contact us. for more details.

Will there be vocal coaches as well as choreographers?

Yes. Each session comes with 2 hours of vocal instruction from our in house coach. You can learn more about Justin here.

Can I join the workshop if I'm not interested in dancing?

Yes. Typically we run the Frontman and Showstopper series separately, but if there is not enough enrollment to run them separately we’ll combine the two. Jaami is excellent at playing to each students strengths. She will pair the “dancers” with the “non-dancers” to work out a routine that plays off of both styles of performance.

Each session we recommend you get on the waiting list of your choice (frontman vs showstopper) so that we can accurately assess which session we’ll run if not both.

Do I have to sing the whole time?

While practicing your routines we encourage everyone to sing full out at all times as this is the best way to master the skill of doing both choreographed movement and singing simultaneously.

However, it is ultimately up to you. There may be times where you really need to concentrate on learning a move so singing will take a back seat.

What should I wear?

The only time we will be in ‘costume’ are on class and public performance days. Come dressed in something you feel attractive in, and can move well in. If you mainly perform in heels we encourage you to wear heels in class. Otherwise you can wear a good pear of non slip sneakers. Bring layers just in case!

What should I bring?

The only items you will need to bring are:

1. If this is your first class you will need a Liability Release form. You can either download, print and sign or submit it online.

2. A mic prop. You are welcome to bring in a mic, water bottle or any other item that is the same size and shape of a microphone.

What can I expect on 'Video Day'?

The final day of the session is when you will perform the number you have been working on for our video cameras and classmates. You are also encouraged to invite family and friends. We feel it is important to not only practice singing and dancing, but to have the experience of actually performing as much as possible as well. Nerves are a big factor that can hinder a performance, so the more you can perform and work through the nerves the better. On this day you will all dress in whatever you would wear as an artist on stage. We will record your performance and create an edited final copy of the best takes. If you are a working artist we encourage you to post it on your social profiles for fan engagement. If you are doing this for fun we encourage you to post it too! These are also great for personal critique.

Thanks for the breakdown, but I still don't get it. How does this all work?

It’s a 6 week session once a week for one hour.

Throughout all classes you not only work on the choreography for the session, but your instructor works in applicable activities geared towards improving your overall stage presence, audience engagement, performance technique and more.

The first 3 weeks we learn the choreography full out with mic props.

While we learn the choreography in this first 3 weeks we will be singing the song full out during all classes as well. If there’s a belting part, belt it! We understand if you really need to concentrate on a move and can’t sing. Whatever you’re comfortable with, we will support you. The idea though is to always be singing. The more you can do both the better. It builds your stamina and coordination.

We encourage everyone to know the song before the session starts so that you can sing while dancing as much as possible throughout the sessions.

The 4th and 5th weeks we perform the routine solo and in groups through live wireless microphones and to the instrumental track to prepare for show day.

This will help you get a feel for what you will sound like live and get used to your voice carrying the song. If you are finding that you are out of breath or not as coordinated as you’d hoped, that’s ok!  Our choreographer will help you simplify that move to still match the choreography, but not be as “big” and taxing on your vocals. The more session you take, the better your stamina will get.

The final day of the class we perform our routines in-front of our cameras.

You are welcome to invite your friends and family members. We will post a copy of the video in our private group so that you can post to YouTube for fan engagement or just use for personal critique. Your choreographer will also critiquing your performance and giving helpful feed back to ensure the best end result possible for your video.