430741_178167815628696_276870286_aThe life of a working artist can be pretty expensive. Studio time, music equipment, wardrobe for shows, writing camps, gas money driving all over the place for different opportunities, the list goes on. So the more avenues for income using our talents we can get the better. This brings me to this little gem I recently discovered called Air Gigs.

Basically what it is, is an online marketplace for recording gigs.

What this means for you is, it is a place for you to upload some links of you singing.  Songwriters and producers then browse the site to find vocalists for their tracks. If one of them thinks your vocals are a good fit for one of their songs, they can then hire you to sing their stuff. Pretty neat :) You’ll need a professional way to record yourself at home, but that’s about it. I’ve done 3 gigs on there so far and they’ve all been a great experience. To set up my profile and set pricing I just checked out other female vocalists’ profiles that were doing well and made my prices comparable. I also noted info they included that would be helpful to the buyer.

Things to include in your profile would be:

  • How many tracks do they get? Is it one lead track or are you supplying harmonies as well?
  • How long can the song be?
  • What is the turn-around time?
  • What kind of equipment are you using? (Be as specific as possible)

Also include what you require to be able to sing the song. I put that I needed the instrumental, the lyrics and a reference track of either them singing how they’d like the song to go or playing the main melody via an instrument. If you can sight read though, even better! I can’t, that’s why I ask for a reference track :p Most of them are happy to supply you with whatever you need to make it happen.

So if you’re looking to use your talents for some extra cash to fund your dreams, check’m out!