Grammy nominated songwriter, producer, and composer; JD entered the industry in 2001 as a guitarist for a project band under Warner Brothers Records. In 2004 after realizing the stage life was not for him, JD began focusing on improving as a songwriter/producer. Now with over decade and a half in the music industry, JD has had major contracts with Universal Music, Disney, Hollywood Records, Warner Brothers, Rockstar Games, and Square Enix just to name a few. He has also found success outside the United States producing music in South Korea, Japan, England, Canada and Mexico.

He caught wind of the Ultimate Entertainer workshop and has offered to personally coach and record our students in a state of the art studio here in San Diego.

We are thankful to have him and are thrilled for our students to be able to have this opportunity.

For a limited time all of our students will receive this 8 hour studio lock-in for FREE with a purchase of one of our live performance workshops.

You can learn more about this opportunity here or click below to get on the waiting list for our next session.